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phone: 0161 624 2727


Board of Directors/Trustees

The Hospice trustees are responsible for the governance of the Hospice and they also form the board of directors. The role of the board is to ensure that the charity functions within the law are in accordance with Charity Commission rules; that resources are managed efficiently; that there is a clear overall strategy and vision and that all policies and procedures are in place to manage risk. All major policy decisions concerning the overall direction of the Hospice are made by the board guided by the advice of the Strategic Management Group. The board meets bi-monthly and holds an AGM in July of each year. A number of board groups, each with director representation, operate to monitor the different aspects of the Hospice. The board elects trustees/directors for a three year term of office, renewable at the AGM.

The Directors are as follows:

Mr Vernon Cressey (Chair)
Mrs Mirriam Lawton (Vice Chair)
Mrs Susan Briscall 
Mrs Sally Deaville
Mr Jonathan Lipton
Mr Alan Moran  
Mr Gordon Russell
Mrs Anne Sykes
Mr Paul Vincent


  • Company Secretary 
  • Board Secretary – Mrs Lyndsey Donbavand (Quality and Governance Manager)

Note – messages/requests for the Chair or any Board Member can be left with the Quality and Governance Manager on 0161 624 2727. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Augmentin 875 dosage Doctors may ask people to stop taking certain supplements or medications while on the antibiotics, if possible. Higher Css was found in patients with metformin monotherapy, while patients with longer duration of metformin use had significantly higher Css became the only parameter that influenced FBG level (P < 0.05). Metformin weight loss pcos Losing weight is tough on the road.