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Lottery Canvassers

1 in 3 lives will be touched by Hospice care

Our Lottery Canvassers do a very important job spreading the word about what hospice care is all about to local people.  Not everyone within our local community has heard about the great work we do, so our canvassers are going door to door in an effort to raise awareness of the Hospice and to recruit new Lottery members to our weekly draw.

This is important because we rely on our community for two thirds of our funding.  Our Canvassers will ask people to sign up to our weekly lottery draw in an effort to grow our regular income.

They are doing a great job in all weathers, so please give them a smile and word of encouragement if they knock on your door, or you see them at a local venue.

Denis Wilson - Lottery Canvasser
Nigel Pemberton - Lottery Canvasser
Hayley Shields - Lottery Canvasser
Darren McKay - Lottery Canvasser