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We are always grateful for the donation of new items that we can use as prizes for raffles and tombolas etc. We can use all kinds of goods, as long they are new and unopened and the packaging is in decent condition. Here are some examples of goods we can use:

  • Bottles - wine, beer, cider, ale, spirits etc., water 
  • "Smellies" - individual items such as boxed or wrapped soap, bottles of shampoo/conditioner/shower gel etc.
  • Gift Sets - Anything and everything from perfume/aftershave to cooking or gardening
  • Electricals - From slow cookers to toasters, hair dryers to curling wands and tooth brushes to electric razors
  • Toys - Everything from cuddly toys to board games, jigsaws to Lego, if it's new and all the bits are there we can make use of it.
  • Jewellery - Ever received some jewellery as a gift and it just isn't you? We can sell it to raise money for the Hospice!

This list isn't exhaustive but it gives you an idea of the type of things we can use to generate much needed funds. Where possible we endeavour to let you know how much your donated goods raised once sold and we're so grateful to everyone that thinks of us with a donation, regardless of what form it takes.

If you have any queries regarding a donation of any kind please contact the fundraising team on 0161 624 9984 or email