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Gift Aid

What is Gift Aid?
If you are a UK tax payer then Gift Aid is an excellent way to help increase the amount of money you donate to the hospice. As a basic rate tax payer you will pay 20% tax. We can reclaim this tax on any donations you make. This means that for every £10 you give using Gift Aid, we receive £12.50. This extra money comes to us from the government and there is no inconvenience or additional cost to you - not very often you get something for nothing!

How do I add Gift Aid to my donation?
All you have to do is request a Gift Aid Declaration form from us. Once completed and signed we can claim Gift Aid on any future donations you make to the hospice, helping us to continue caring for local people and their families. Don't forget that even if you're retired you may still pay tax.

If you have any queries about whether we can claim Gift Aid on your donation please contact the fundraising team on 0161 624 9984 or email