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Mobile Phones
We are part of a free environmental scheme to help charities raise funds by collecting and recycling unwanted mobile phones. Phones usually destined for landfill are recycled and a donation made to the hospice for each phone or accessory that can be recycled and reused. It helps raise vital funds for patient care at the hospice.

We can take all those old keys that you've long forgotten what they fit, and trade them in for scrap value. The current cost of metal means that this is a profitable way for us to raise much needed funds whilst helping you to clear out those kitchen, office and shed drawers of those old and forlorn keys. Please just check that the keys are not magnetic, otherwise we cannot accept them.

Foreign Currency
We have a recycling partner that takes any old or foreign currency and gives us money for it.

Toner Cartridges
Unfortunately we are no longer able to take used toner cartridges as these cost us to dispose of unless they are branded (e.g. HP). If you have some branded cartridges please contact the fundraising team to confirm that we can take them.

For more information on items that we may be able to recycle, please contact the Hospice on 0161 624 9984 or email