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Eva C

Reception Volunteer

Why do you volunteer for Dr Kershaw's?
I don’t think you really realise it until you start volunteering here that you are part of a family and what you do really matters, whether that’s saving money or meeting people. It’s great to put people at ease, show them where to get a brew, Visitors tell us it’s so different to a hospital and that’s why what we do matters.

What do you enjoy about volunteering for us?
It gets me out of the house, it’s something to do – when you retire you have lots of time on your hands and I always say my volunteering at the Hospice does much more for me than it does for Dr Kershaw's!

What’s your proudest moment at the Hospice?
When I used to help with suppers, a patient asked for a bacon butty and I snuck into the kitchen and made it – mind you this is a long time ago! He enjoyed it so much it felt really good!

Tell us more about how your skills and experience benefit the Hospice...
I worked for probation so it was all about understanding people and how they felt, it really helps me to put visitors at ease when they come in.

Do you feel volunteering has any benefits for you?
It definitely does – I always say that if I get an extra shift then I am happy!