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Lottery Promoters

1 in 3 lives will be touched by Hospice care


Please note that due to lockdown our community team are not out and about, but you may receive a call from our telephone team who will be calling from 0161 676 1851.

Our Lottery Promoters do a very important job spreading the word about what hospice care is all about.  Not everyone within our local community has heard about the great work we do, so our community team go door to door and in venues alongside our telephone team in an effort to raise awareness of our Hospice and to recruit new Lottery members to our weekly draw.

This is extremely important as we rely on our community for two thirds of our funding.  Our Promoters are recruiting members of our community to our weekly draw in an effort to grow our regular income.

They are doing a great job, so please give them a smile or a word of encouragement should you see them at a local venue, if they knock on your door or if they give you a call.

You can also sign up online securely via our join now button.  Should you have any concerns whatsoever, please contact the Lottery Team on 0161 624 9213 or our Lottery Manager on 07932 498261.

Louise Halliwell – Telephone Promoter
Mel Farnworth – Telephone Promoter
Sally Tears – Telephone Promoter
Hayley Shields - Community Venues
Paul Robinson - Community Door 2 Door
Nigel Pemberton - Community Door 2 Door
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