21st Anniversary Draw 2024



Thank you to all those who participated in our Spring Draw with six lucky winners sharing £4,500!

You raised over £21,600 for our patients and their families, effectively paying for one and a half days of care across all Hospice services!

As our 21st Anniversary Draw approaches, we would like to give you the opportunity to win our jackpot prize of £3,000!

How would you spend it?

Maybe book a holiday, buy something special or treat your family and friends? 

Tickets are just £1 are you can buy them on the button below!

To purchase tickets for our 21st Anniversary Draw, please click on the button above or contact our Lottery Team on:

Tel: 0161 624 9213 or email: lottery@drkh.org.uk

You have to be in it to win it!

Our 21st Anniversary Draw takes place on Friday 4th October.

Your continued support makes a real difference to the lives of others. Please read below how your support helped make a difference to Sarah and her family at a time when they needed us the most.

After losing her husband, Brian aged just 45 on 3rd August 2021, your support gave Sarah a place to go at the loneliest of times...


“After Brian died it was really lonely. Dr Kershaw’s Bereavement and Counselling Teams brought me through that. Brian was the love of my life, I was really struggling and ready to give up. We had been together for 22 years and only ever spent six weeks apart, I just wanted to be with Brian. I was struggling coming to terms with my grief, whilst trying to handle the kids’ grief and Brian’s parents’ grief. I felt I’d let Brian down and the kids down too as I didn’t spot his symptoms earlier. Nobody expects this to happen at such a young age and it came as a completely devastating experience.

The Hospice’s Wellbeing Centre Team invited me to their Bereavement Support Group alongside one-to-one sessions with the Hospice Counsellor. Their support gave me a place to go at the loneliest of times, and helped me to realise that I did the best I could and couldn’t do any better. They helped me to come to terms with the loss, I wasn’t judged or patronised, nobody told me what I needed to do. It was nice to know I wasn’t on my own, but around others who have lost people they cherish.

I felt so at ease sharing my story and feelings in the group sessions and speaking to the Counsellor who had such a special gift of reading people. The Hospice don’t just stop being your family, they are part of my story now, and I know they are always there for me if I need to talk.”

It was Dr Kershaw’s care for both Brian and herself that inspired Sarah to help other families too, by doing a sky dive raising an incredible £1,500. Your support truly does mean so much, and will help other families patients access bereavement care and support from our Wellbeing Centre after the death of their loved one. We can’t thank you enough!

The £1,500 Sarah raised could pay for 32 sessions with our Bereavement Counsellor.

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