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Share It For Dr Kershaw's

Be someone else’s sunshine – be the reason that someone smiles today.

Dr Kershaw’s Hospice is a happy place, filled with joy and love – something that we know our patients, visitors, volunteers and staff will agree with, whole-heartedly.

At this time when bad news fills our screens and our minds, we want to continue to spread positivity, love and care to our whole community and we know that you will want to join in.

From Us to You

Would you find joy in a caring call?  Would receiving a positive, thoughtful letter through the post lift your spirits?  The team here at the Hospice are here to help you.

We have put time aside to make weekly friendship calls and write letters or emails to those who are disconnected, to check in and have a chat.

If you would enjoy some friendly, positive conversation please send your request to

If a special person in your life would also benefit from a bright and breezy chat, letter full of kind words or simply a caring message in a card, please do recommend our service.

Requesting a weekly friendship call, letter or card is easy:

Contact us by phone 0161 624 2727 or by email at

Remember: These calls are completely free of charge and confidential, it’s a gift from us to those most isolated in our community who would benefit from a little bit of TLC.

From You to Us and Your Whole Community

You can help ‘show the love’ to your community too.

Doing even a little means a lot...

Has someone helped you today? Have you done something small but special to make someone smile?  Whether you’ve made a phone call to an isolated friend or put the refuse bin out for a neighbour, sent someone a message of support by email or picked up some groceries for someone in isolation – we’d love you to share with us what you’ve done and the response you received for your good deed – whether it was just a simple smile or a welcome chat at a safe distance.  It’s the simple things that make the biggest impact.

A time to remember – love the precious memories that make you smile, no matter what is going on in your life right now…

Is this time of year very special to you?  Are you thinking about a loved one you have lost? We would be honoured if you would share your story with us so we can share your special memories with others and reassure them that positivity can come from your beautiful memories.  Please share your precious memories of spring, holidays, Easter egg hunts and your sunshine filled moments so that we can bring joy to others and help them to remember their happy times too.

Picture it – You can make a difference to someone simply by sharing your smile...

When you smile, movements in the muscles in your face tells your brain to release neurotransmitters called endorphins. Endorphins are what make us all feel happy, and they also help lower stress levels.  Human biology lesson over – now here is the fun stuff!

We want you to share, with us and your community, your smiles.  Send us your smiley photographs, old or new and even drawings showing happy times so that we can fill social media with happiness – sharing your smiles to help your community smile back.

Some of the best therapists have fur and four legs…

And finally – how could we miss our four-legged friends.  Our pets bring us so much joy and even more joy since they don’t know the difficulties us humans are facing.  Give your pet pooches, your cheeky cats or even your gobby goldfish the chance to bring some joy to others – send us your favourite pet photos and anecdotes for us to share and show that you don’t have to be human to care!

Sending us your pictures and stories couldn’t be simpler by


Facebook: Direct message us

Instagram:  Direct message us Instagram/drkershawshospice

Twitter:  Direct message us @kershawshospice

By Post:  Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, Turf Lane, Oldham, OL2 6EU

Please only send in post if you are able to do so safely, following current Government guidelines – your health is paramount.

Please note:  We would like to share your stories and pictures with the whole community through social media.  We may also use the things you send us in a press release.  If you would not like us to use your stories and pictures in this way but prefer we simply share them with our staff, please let us know at the time you send them to us. Thank you. provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. Augmentin 875 dosage Doctors may ask people to stop taking certain supplements or medications while on the antibiotics, if possible. Higher Css was found in patients with metformin monotherapy, while patients with longer duration of metformin use had significantly higher Css became the only parameter that influenced FBG level (P < 0.05). Metformin weight loss pcos Losing weight is tough on the road.