Furnish with Love – Give the Gift of Comfort Appeal

This Appeal is an opportunity for you to play a vital part in furnishing the heart of your Hospice, the new ward’s family lounge.  We are asking our whole community to give a financial gift towards the purchase of the furniture we need to make our patients as comfortable as possible during their time in our care at the Hospice.

Ward Sister, Kelly Foster is spearheading a brand new campaign, asking our community to help us buy specialist furniture to furnish the new In-Patient family lounge

“I’m part of a dedicated team of doctors and nurses who have the privilege of caring for patients and families here at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice. 

“We urgently need your help with this special project, it is one that will help add to our patients’ comfort and the precious time they spend together with their loved ones.

“The Hospice has been around for 30 years and the building itself, for over 85 years.  It’s in need of more than just a lick of paint, so we are in the middle of building a brand new ward.  It’s going to be incredible.

“There will be lots of space.  All our bedrooms will have their own en-suite bathrooms, and we’re creating a special lounge for patients, where they can be together with their family and friends.  With cosy corners for those precious family moments, a dining area where families can eat together and two family bedrooms for visitors to stay overnight.  This will be a home from home.

“As for the gardens, next year they will be transformed into a beautiful safe haven for patients and wildlife alike. 

“I can picture it now, a patient and their loved-ones, sitting together on a comfy sofa, holding hands, looking into the gardens beyond – a tranquil oasis of calm.

“Beautiful memories will be created here and to be able to give that gift to our patients will be truly amazing.  But, at the moment our vision cannot become a reality without your help.”

Kelly Foster - Ward Sister

The furniture we so desperately need for the family lounge, is similar to what you would have in your own home, but with a little differences as it needs to follow special health and safety rules.  It will provide the same comfort as your own sofa or chair, you know, that warm, soft, homely feeling you get when you kick off your shoes to relax.

All of the new furniture we need, will make a huge difference for our patients and their loved ones, without it, this beautiful family lounge will remain an empty shell and our patients’ quality time with their family and friends, restricted to their bedrooms.


Here is how your donation will help:

Your donation to this Appeal will make a difference to the time our patients spend at the Hospice. 


£10 will help towards the gift of a coffee table and chairs, giving a mother and her daughter a place to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

£20 will help towards the gift of relaxing easy chairs for a husband and wife to sit, side-by-side once more, for peace and togetherness with the simple reassurance of holding hands.

£30 will help towards the gift of a sofa for a patient to have that comforting family cuddle.

£50 will help towards the gift of a spacious dining table for patients and their loved ones to gather around, for a special meal or just some family time together.

£100 will help towards the gift of a comfortable armchair to support a grandma as she sits to hold her grandchild for the first, or perhaps the last time.


Whatever your gift, it will mean so much for our patients both now and in years to come.

From us all here at the Hospice and your whole community – thank you.