Board Structure

The Hospice's board governance is managed by Steering Groups with key responsibilities as follows:

Clinical Governance – Lindsey Harper (Chair), Matthias Hohmann (Vice Chair)

Income Development & Marketing – Rebecca Bentham (Chair), Louise Henderson (Vice Chair)

Safety, Quality, Workforce, Innovation & Development – Adele Doherty (Chair), Mandi Halton (Vice Chair)

Information Governance – Matthias Hohmann (Chair), Rebecca Bentham (Vice Chair)

Financial Resourcing – Adele Doherty (Chair), Sabrina Dawson (Vice Chair)

Board Links

Dr Kershaw’s Hospice work in partnership with key groups including:

  • Oldham End of Life Partnership
  • Oldham Dementia Partnership
  •  National Association for Hospice at Home
  •  Executive Clinical Leads in Hospice and Palliative Care North West Group
  •  North West Hospice Groups
  •  Hospice UK
  •  Strategic Clinical Network End of Life Group
  •  Oldham Health Community Consortium
  •  Responsible Officer and Local Intelligence Networks (NHS England)
  •  North West Palliative Care Physicians
  •  North West Pain Group
  •  North West Association Palliative Day Care Leaders
  •  GPs
  •  Specialist Palliative Care Nurse Teams
  •  Greater Manchester Hospices Strategic Partnership