Dr Kershaw’s Newsletter

After lovingly serving the Hospice for several years at the start of 2021, we decided to update our Friendship Newsletter to give it a vibrant new look and our new a5 newsletters name was changed to Heart of the Hospice.

Our Heart of the Hospice Newsletters are published quarterly and feature all the latest news from Dr Kershaw’s Hospice including the latest on our Hospice Services, Volunteering, our fundraisers in our community and much more! To receive your copy of our Heart of The Hospice Newsletter via post or email please contact our Hospice team at fundraising@drkh.org.uk

Heart of the Hospice Issue 64
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Heart of the Hospice Issue 62
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Friendship Issue 60
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Friendship Issue 58
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Heart of the Hospice Issue 63
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Heart of the Hospice Issue 61
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Friendship Issue 59
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Friendship Issue 57
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