Board of Trustees

The Hospice Trustees are responsible for the governance of the Hospice. The role of the Board is to ensure that the charity functions within the law and in accordance with Charity Commission rules; that resources are managed efficiently; that there is a clear overall vision and strategy; and that all policies and procedures are in place to manage risk.

All major policy decisions concerning the overall direction of the Hospice are made by the Board guided by the advice of the Senior Management Team. The Board meets bi monthly. A number of Board subgroups, each with Trustee representation, operate to monitor the different aspects of the Hospice. The Board elects Trustees for a three year term of office.


  • Mr Paul Cook (Chair)
  • Ms Jacquie Wood (Vice Chair)
  • Mr Jonathan Lipton (Vice Chair)
  • Mrs Rachel Damianou
  • Mr Stephen Schofield
  • Mrs Eileen Jones
  • Mr Richard Buchanan
  • Mr David Macdonald
  • Mr Mark Hadfield
  • Mr Ian Chapman


  • Company Secretary - Mrs Rachel Damianou
  • Board Secretary – Mrs Beverley Schofield (PA to CEO)