Hospice’s Services are Only One-Third Funded

1 Sep 2023 -- Posted by : ElizabethK2

Did you know that Dr Kershaw’s vital services are only one-third funded?

If the Hospice just relied on the funding that it received on 1st April this year, it would have run out at the start of this month, and the rest of the year’s care, until 31st March 2024, would be on the Hospice!

Chief Executive, Adele Doherty said: “The Hospice really is such a special place and makes a difference to so many patients and their families across Oldham. I take great pride in knowing that all Hospice staff go above and beyond, each and every day and do so with a smile. It truly does mean so much to the families they support. We are so grateful for each and every penny you, our local community support us with. As you can see, our services genuinely couldn’t run without your support. You are at the heart of everything we do!”

To ensure the continuity of Dr Kershaw’s services and support the care of Hospice patients this year you can make a donation by clicking here.


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Hospice’s Services are Only One-Third Funded

Did you know that Dr Kershaw’s vital services are only one-third…

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