What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business approach involving direct action to improve the environment, society, and economy. CSR is growing, as customers, employees, and suppliers are beginning to place more value on CSR initiatives, as it is proven to benefit a company's profits, as well as its purpose.

CSR initiatives are often broken down into four categories:

  • Environmental - initiatives which focus on the preservation of natural resources;
  • Philanthropic- initiatives which focus on donating to worthy causes that may not relate to a business;
  • Ethical- initiatives which ensure fair and honest business operations;
  • Economic- initiatives which promote the fiscal support of the initiatives above.

The Benefits of CSR with a Corporate Charity Partnership

1. Increase Your Company’s Sales

Increase.pngCSR creates a competitive advantage, raises brand awareness, and helps businesses develop trust with shareholders, customers and employees. Demonstrating that companies, customers, and communities can thrive together is a powerful advantage. Your company can get more visibility in the community which can help build your sales or attract new customers. CSR efforts can also lead to businesses reviewing and evaluating their current processes, with many leading to business improvements.

2. Engage, Motivate, and Retain Employees

Engage.pngIn an ever changing business landscape, more and more employees are looking at company values, ethics, public image, and non salary rewards when choosing an employer. CSR schemes create a sense of community and bonding amongst employees, engaging them and encouraging positive relations. Companies that demonstrate a dedication to improving communities through CSR programmes are much more likely to attract, and retain, valuable and engaged employees.

3. Meet New Business Partners

Meet.pngWhen employees, customers, and even suppliers have a strong input to areas of impact, CSR becomes a truly powerful influence. Embedding CSR initiatives into a business will attract investors, as this demonstrates additional priorities, seeing the bigger picture, and a concern for the community they serve. Working on charitable activities with our Hospice, other businesses, and community leaders will help you to develop new contacts who can support your business to grow.

4. Build Brand Awareness, Reputation, and Customer Loyalty

Build.pngCSR schemes not only increase a brand’s recognition, they moreover contribute to a better public image. Consumers want to deal with companies that care about causes and have a sense of social responsibility. Consumers want to be appreciated, respected, and support businesses that are ethical; which in turn creates customer loyalty. By partnering with a well-respected charity like Dr Kershaw’s Hospice, you will be able to enhance your business's reputation and retain your customers.