Other Ways You Can Help Our Hospice

There are so many ways that you can get involved to support the important work that we do at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice. Whether it’s fundraising for us, joining our Hospice Lottery or giving up your time to volunteer in one of the many roles available across the Hospice. You can also support by donating goods or your services if you have a professional skill that you think we could use.

Your Donations of Goods

We are always grateful for the donation of items that we can use as prizes for raffles, these should be new and unopened. Here are some examples of goods we can use:

  • Bottles - Wine, beer, cider, ale, spirits, water etc.
  • "Smellies" - Individual items such as boxed or wrapped soap, bottles of shampoo/conditioner/shower gel etc.
  • Gift Sets - Anything and everything from perfume/aftershave to cooking or gardening
  • Electricals - From slow cookers to toasters, hair dryers to curling wands, toothbrushes to electric razors
  • Toys - Everything from cuddly toys to board games, jigsaws to Lego, if it's new and all the bits are there we can make use of it!
  • Jewellery - Ever received some jewellery as a gift and it just isn't you? We can sell it to raise money for the Hospice!

This list isn't exhaustive but it gives you an idea of the type of things we can use to generate much needed funds. Where possible we endeavour to let you know how much your donated goods raised once sold and we're so grateful to everyone that thinks of us with a donation.

If you have any queries regarding a donation of any kind please contact the Fundraising Team on 0161 624 2727 or email fundraising@drkh.org.uk

Donating Your Services

Some individuals and small companies cannot necessarily afford to make a cash donation to the Hospice but want to support us in some way. If you have a skill we can use, we'd be delighted to accept the donation of your time and services in lieu of money.

For example, a professional gardener overhauled our gardens for free as his donation. Whether you're a painter and decorator, a cleaner, or a web designer, these are all skills and services that we can make use of to help save us money. Perhaps you can write in short hand or you are a whizz at data inputting, maybe you speak a second language or have lots of experience in HR, give us a call and put your skills and services to good use for the benefit of our patients.

Donate To Our Shops

Our Hospice Shops rely on the generosity of our community and helps to create regular income for the Hospice and our services.

Please click here to find out what items you can donate to our Hospice Shops.

Donate While You Shop

Whilst you are doing your online shopping, did you know that you could be raising funds for Dr Kershaw’s at no cost to yourself. You can do this by signing up to Easy Fundraising where a small percentage of your online spending will be donated to Dr Kershaw’s Hospice.

You can also support us when you list your own eBay items. Click on ‘Support a Charity’ when you are completing your listing to donate any percentage of your sales to the Hospice!