Caring Hands Team Step Up to Support Dr Kershaw’s ‘Virtual Hospice Walk’ and Urge Others to Sign Up

18 Jun 2021

A team of eight Health Care Assistants from Dr Kershaw’s have come together to support the Hospice where they work and are urging the community to join them in signing up for the ‘Virtual Hospice Walk.’

Dr Kershaw’s Health Care Assistants, Marie Taylor, Jane Gartside, Stella Brown, Steph Monaghan, Diane Atkins, Leanne Ward and Nicola Ingham work together in the Hospice’s Caring Hands Team to provide patients with end-of-life care in their own homes, surrounded by their loved ones. Family member, Emma Lomas also took part and Caring Hands Health Care Assistant, Tracey Deblasio will be taking part in her own solo walk on Saturday 19 June.

With their 6 mile walk completed on Saturday 12 June, Marie explained why they signed up: “We love our jobs but they can also be very demanding, and at times, physically and mentally draining as well as very sad. We feel privileged to be able to provide the specialist care that is needed at the end of someone's life, in their own surroundings and to be able to offer support to the patient's families who are having a really tough time. We are a strong team and those who could, decided to sign up for the walk together to support each other, promote the service and our Hospice whilst raising money at the same time.”

Taking to the streets of Oldham and Rochdale to complete the same route as the former Hospice to Hospice Walk, starting at Dr Kershaw’s Hospice and ending at Springhill Hospice, the team received an excellent reaction from the local community who gave them support along the way and donated to their collecting buckets to increase their fundraising figure for the Hospice.

Marie added: “The walk was fabulous, we had such a good time! Cars and vans were pipping their horns at us and were stopping to put money in our buckets. People were coming up to us donating and we had so many people telling us that their relatives had been cared for by us, and how grateful they were. Thanks to those who have also signed up for the walk, if you are still considering it, it’s not too late, please do sign up and help to support more patients from our community.”
The hundreds of pounds raised by Marie and the team will go towards supporting the patients who they care for in their own homes, when those patients need it the very most.


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