Hospice Doctors Say Yes to Green Commuting

23 Jul 2021

Two doctors at Dr Kershaw’s are leading the way in green commuting at the Hospice, cycling or running to work each day, saving money, protecting the environment whilst getting fit too!

Dr Matthias Hohmann explains: “Cycling to work always makes for a better start to my day than driving. There is a sense of well-being and happiness that driving a car simply cannot give you. Commute by car takes 15-20 minutes and by bike takes me 25-30 minutes. On my bike I see beautiful sunrises and sunsets which I might miss in the car, and after work, cycling helps me to unwind.”

Dr Daniel Hurt added: “I have ran to and from work, 3 days a week for the past month. It's 5 miles each way from Saddleworth, with most of it on dedicated walking paths. It wakes me up in the morning and I can listen to music, podcasts or an audiobook. Most of the route is beautiful and I always arrive at work feeling ready to go after a quick shower. Running back home can be harder as it’s uphill, but once home I'm ready to unwind. It saves me money on petrol, no traffic, plus I get in enough exercise for the whole week.”

Dr Kershaw’s is in the process of getting secure outdoor bike parking facilities, which will allow more staff to choose to cycle for their journey to and from work, the Hospice also operates a cycle-to-work scheme to save money on the cost of a bike, to support green commuting.


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