Life as a Junior Doctor at the Hospice

9 Apr 2021
Junior Doctor Josh

Junior Doctor, Josh Feek, 25, has been working at Dr Kershaw’s on a four month rotation since just before Christmas, joining the Hospice team after working during the pandemic in A+E and on a medical COVID ward.

As part of Josh’s training he had to choose 6 areas for 4 month rotations with Hospice care being one of them. Josh explained: “I wanted to work in palliative care to help patients live as symptom free as possible and maximise their quality of life.”

Josh’s day-to-day role involves assessing patients to identify changes in their symptoms or needs, working closely with the nursing staff to ensure the medication required is prescribed, and with the senior doctors to create individualised care plans for each patient. 

Josh said: “The difference that we can make to a patient at the end of their life is so tangible compared to other areas of medicine. We look at patients holistically and can intervene in so many areas to improve their quality of life which makes every day so fulfilling.” 

Whilst working at the Hospice, Josh is still very much learning his profession as a doctor, he added: “The Hospice staff are so keen to share their knowledge. I have teaching sessions with senior doctors, and the nurses are fountains of knowledge always keen to answer my questions – no matter how stupid! Everyone at Dr Kershaw’s has such a kind heart. They clearly love their job and the impact they can have on patients and their families at such a vulnerable time.” 


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