Workplace Well-being Launch for Hospice Staff

16 Apr 2021

With April marking Stress Awareness Month, Dr Kershaw’s aptly kicked off our strengthened well-being services for Hospice staff with their Workplace Well-being Launch. Staff were given the opportunity to take some time out of their usual working day to take part in a number of workshops focused on wellness and mindfulness as well as being able to relax with a range of free complementary therapy treatments.

HR Advisor, Mandi Halton, started at the Hospice in September and has been instrumental in launching the programme, she said: “Since the pandemic began, there has been an even greater emphasis on mental health and well-being and our focus has been to further strengthen our measures to support the well-being of our staff as they support so many in the Oldham community. The Workplace Well-being Launch which was just the start of our initiative, received excellent feedback from those who attended giving each member of the team the opportunity to stop, take a breath and relax, along with helpful tips to continue this practice moving forward.”
With 11 dedicated mental health first aiders already on board, over the coming months we will be looking at more ways to support the well-being of our dedicated workforce.


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