The physiotherapy service at Dr Kershaw's Hospice aims to maximise patient's ability to function, to promote their independence and to help them adapt to their changing condition.

This is achieved by:

  • Improving/maintaining patients mobility by supplying walking aides, e.g. rollater frames or sticks so patients can mobilise safely and are less breathless.
  • Improving patients exercise tolerance by gradually increasing their exercise regime as possible, e.g. sitting out of bed for a longer period of time, increasing the distance patients walk, time cycled on the motormed etc.
  • Teaching patients with respiratory conditions the best method of clearing their chest, the best positions to lie, sit and stand in, in order to decrease their shortness of breath. We teach breathing and relaxation methods which can help patients regain control over their breathing.
  • Asking patients about their lives, families and home life in order to identify what is important to them. We then try to help them 'pace' themselves so they can achieve more of what they want to and like to do whilst identifying things that can be left undone.
  • Maintaining patients bed mobility so transfers and bed bathing are easier.

At the Wellbeing Centre, in addition to the above, we support the FAB (fatigue, anxiety and breathless) programme and run exercise classes for patients when appropriate.