Spring Draw 2024



Thank you to all those who participated in our 20th Anniversary Draw last year.

You raised over £36,000 for our patients and their families, effectively paying for 3 full days of patient care across all Hospice services! 

As our Spring Draw approaches, we would like to give you the opportunity to win our jackpot prize of £3,000!

How would you spend it?

Maybe book a holiday, buy something special or treat your family and friends? 

Tickets are just £1!

Alternatively you can purchase tickets for our Spring Draw taking place on Friday 10th May, by contacting our Lottery Team on: Tel: 0161 624 9213 or email: lottery@drkh.org.uk

You have to be in it to win it!

Your continued support makes a real difference to the lives of others. Please read below how your support made a difference to Mark and his family at a time when they needed us the most.

Your support helped us to bring Christmas forward for 53 year old Mark, his wife Karen and their 7 year old son Austin...

springdrawaustin.jpg"We were told Mark might not make Christmas. Initially, he didn’t want to go into a hospice but the team reassured him and he agreed, which was better for Austin. I think if Mark had died at home this would have had a lasting impact on Austin and would’ve been more traumatic. Austin sees the Hospice as a nice place, where his dad was looked after, he even now asks to go to the café for lunch. Mark going into the Hospice took the caring responsibilities away from me, I could concentrate on being Mark’s wife and Austin’s mum. Before Mark passed away I was juggling being at home, keeping things normal for Austin at Christmas time and being by Mark’s side. I was terrified that Mark would die alone but the nurses took that fear and guilt away, and reassured me that they were there and that I was only a phone call away.

Bringing Christmas forward was so special and such a surprise. Within 12 hours of arriving at the Hospice, there was a tree in Mark’s room and the nurses had wrapped up some lovely presents for Austin. One of his gifts was a football, and when the day got too much for Mark, me and Austin were able to have a kick about in the Hospice gardens. After Mark died, the Hospice Team gave me a knitted heart and left one with Mark. They gave Austin a knitted teddy, which he cherishes and says that daddy left it for him before he went to heaven.”

It was Dr Kershaw’s care for his daddy that inspired 7 year old Austin to help too, raising an incredible £2,250 to help other families. Buying a ticket to our Spring Draw will help other patients access the care that they deserve and to make precious memories with their loved ones. Your support really does make such a difference, we can’t thank you enough!

The £2,250 Austin raised could pay for a Staff Nurse on our Inpatient Unit for 9.5 days.

Lottery Impact Figures.png